Founded by Dina Samaha, Artistri is the first art platform in Egypt that offers a customized artwork service, design tips and interior inspirations. Artistri is here to make your selections easier and faster, and to help create an artistic homey feel. You get to tailor your own piece by choosing the subject matter, size and the color scheme of the painting.


Whether you are moving to a new home or have recently decided to do a makeover to your house, an art piece will sure enhance the beauty of your interior space.


Check my Instagram account for Studio and In-Progress shots :)

The collection is divided into different categories to make it easier for you to choose the style that suits your space the most. I am always open to new ideas and creative compositions.

All artworks are painted by me and inspirations are only for display purposes. You cannot use my posts without my permission.



If your space lacks texture and color, the Figurative Collection will add a vigorous lively feel to your bare walls and grab your guest's attention.


If your space is kind of traditional with a modern touch, then the Oriental Collection with its intricate details and simple brush strokes is the right place to browse. 



If you need your interior to feel calm and relaxing, the Nature Collection will make you refresh your space. From abstract floral compositions to landscapes, Artistri has got it all.


If your space needs a boost of energy, or you are that kind of person who is so into horses, you will definitely find a piece in the Equestrian Collection that you will fall in love with.