Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to start sharing with you posts about art and design. And to begin this, I would start with answering the question I have been asked the most from my clients and that is "How do I choose the right artwork for my space/ Which piece suits my home the most?"

Now that your home is almost furnished, it's time to think about decorating your bare walls. Getting to pick an artwork for your space might sound a bit of a challenge; however, it is very simple if you follow some rules. As a First Rule, I would say "Choose Art with your Heart". Art is a personal choice and you must love the piece you are going to see everyday. 

  • Know your Room Color Palette and Pick a Dominant Color to Start with

The first step in choosing the right artwork is to really know your color scheme. Choose the dominant color in your decorating accents and fabrics and always try to look for that color in the art you will get.

If your space leans more on the neutral style with a very minimal color hue, I recommend choosing an artwork with more of a subtle design blending in this accent color and 2 or 3 of its shades. Art adds an instant color palette to monochromatic spaces so always try to select colors that will compliment your personal aesthetic. 


  • Pick the Correct Size/Scale

When you come to choose an artwork, you must consider its size. Hanging art that is too small or too big can make or break your space. A small painting on a large white wall will take away from its beauty and details; on the other hand, a large one can take too much visual attention that it overtakes everything in the space. Neither of these is aesthetically pleasing, so be careful with your choices!



-Paintings hung over furniture should be less than 75 percent of the width of the furniture eg. a painting over a 200 cm sofa should be 150 cm wide or less.

-Artwork hung over a fireplace tends to look best when the painting is as wide as the opening of the fireplace.

-If you're hanging more than one painting next to each other leave from 7-10 cm between each of them.

  • Define your Style and Space Mood

When you hang a painting in your home, it does not only accentuate the beauty of your walls but it also creates harmony with your unique decorating style. I strongly believe that an artwork is the finishing element that makes space feel complete. Third tip here is to define your home style: Is it Modern? Classic? Traditional? Modern with an Oriental Twist? Boho? Tropical? Coastal-Inspired? Whatever your home style is, select the piece that will harmonize best with the space's contents, and you will find that it blends in effortlessly.

Ex. If your house is modern, an abstract piece with smooth strokes will be the best choice. If your space is traditional with an oriental twist, bringing in this oriental element in your art will pull your space together, and so on.

  • Trust your Instinct and if you Love it, Buy it !

If a piece looks beautiful but you don’t feel anything about it, move on. It’s better to stare at a blank wall for a while than watching something that doesn’t make your heart happy. If you fall in love with a painting, try to create a statement with it and make it the first thing your guests look at when they enter your home.


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Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for upcoming blog posts. Have a great weekend everyone!!