Dina Samaha

Architect and Interior Designer with a great passion for Art.

Born and raised in Egypt, Dina Samaha graduated from the American University in Cairo with a BA in Architecture Engineering and a minor in Fine Arts. She works as an interior designer; however, work never stopped her from doing what she loves and expressing her feelings through painting. She is fascinated with color and allows her emotions to guide her through her creative process.

With great attention to details, Artistri gives Samaha the chance to experience endless possibilities with endless techniques. Her lively simple strokes create a sort of rhythmic pattern across the canvas guided by colors that talk to her while she creates. Samaha is always motivated to bring life to her paintings and adding bold texture. She likes to leave something for her viewers to feel.

While palette knife is her favorite painting technique, she is never restricted with one tool or medium to work with to achieve her desired effect. Her style is constantly evolving as new ideas emerge. 



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Dina Samaha : An Interior Designer with Artistry

I'm in a magazine again! Grateful for this 3 page feature in ASK Magazine. It feels so good to be recognized by one of the leading interior magazines in Egypt as an Artist and Interior Designer. Know more about Artistri and me in the link below.

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